Resilience Engineer I



Lisbon, Portugal
Posted on Saturday, May 25, 2024

Domain: Developer Enablement

Team: Reliability

We are the Reliability team, part of Developer Enablement Domain. We specialize in Observability and Resilience to ensure our systems are robust, efficient, and transparent. In Observability, we develop platform integration and tools to empower our application teams with real-time insights into system performance to maintain seamless operations. Our Resilience area focuses on enhancing the durability and recovery capabilities of our services, implementing cutting-edge practices such as resilience application patterns, chaos engineering and proactive disaster recovery planning. Together, these areas allow us to develop practices that will help Mollie to be the most reliable and trusted payment service provider.

Sub-Craft Lead: Carlos Vitor Barros

Accountable Lead: Carlos Vitor Barros

Domain Lead: Diogo Antunes

Recruiter: Mia Stewart

What you'll be doing:

  • Champion production readiness across the company, setting technical directions and automating processes for sustainable production practices.

  • Conduct readiness reviews for new services, collaborating across teams to embed best practices for resilience and operational excellence.

  • Run training workshops on Site Reliability Engineering concepts and author reliability bulletins to address engineering challenges.

  • Implement and advocate for resilience patterns such as Feature Flags, Circuit Breakers, and graceful degradation, to dynamically manage system dependencies and enable safer deployment practices.

  • Identify and advocate for solutions to reduce friction in production service management, collaborating with infrastructure teams to enhance developer tools and practices.

  • Facilitate and engage in Incident Reviews and participate in cross-functional squads to address complex reliability issues. Collaborate with Chaos Engineering on game day and disaster recovery exercises.

  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, mentoring peers, and contributing to a collaborative work environment.

Recruitment Process:

  1. Chat with Talent Acquisition

  2. Interview with Domain and Craft Lead

  3. Debrief with HRBP

  4. Decision